Why India’s Most Healthiest breakfast is Idli and Sambhar?

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Kolkata’s traditional breakfast  is neither good in protein not in fiber due to excess of Maida which has only carbohydrate .If you consider Delhi’s then their traditional breakfast is parathas  which contains fat and well as oil and In Mumbai , there is nothing traditional breakfast but most of the local people take Vadapav which is even consider in Junk .So India’s Most Healthiest breakfast  is South Indian breakfast that is Idli Sambhar which is considered as healthy complete breakfast meal because it is equally rich in carbohydrates and  proteins.

Idli and Sambhar
Idli and Sambhar

Idli and Sambhar is a south Indian dishes which not only delicious but also fights with the gastric problems. It is considered as the best healthy morning breakfast in metro cities. It is rich in carbohydrate and protein. It is made from the combination of rice and urad dal.Generally 3 idli’s and Sambhar is being served in one plate: Here is the chart of following nutrients.

3 idli’s
Energy 229 kcal
fat 0.4 gm
Carbohydrate 49 gm
Protein 7.2 gm
Dietary fiber 5 gm
Calcium 30 mg
 Sambar (1 cup)
Energy 90 kcal
fat 2.1  gm
Carbohydrate 12 gm
Protein 4 gm
Dietary fiber 3 gm
Calcium 38 mg


Idli and Sambhar is the king of breakfast in Chennai. As Idli is fermented makes it richer in protein, carbohydrate and vitamin B. It is very light and nutritious breakfast. There is a survey in which reviews are taken from north Indian about Idli and Sambhar, and then 90% of north Indians is crazy about south Indian dishes. Doctor even recommended patients to have Idli in fever because it is easily digestible and it won’t upset the stomach.

Idli and Sambhar
Idli and Sambhar



  1. It is easily digestible.
  2. It is rich in protein, carbohydrate and vitamin.
  3. It fights with gastric problems.
  4. It is considered as complete meal.
  5. It also helps in weight loss.
  6. It is tasty along with spice free.
  7. It reduces the risk of heart attack because it does not contain fat.
  8. It is oil free as it is a baked food not cooked food.

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