Why Health Insurance is important?

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I know we all are healthy and fit but health insurance is really important because we never know that we would have an accident or getting sick from disease. It is necessary to have good health insurance that can provide medical care in case of emergency with affordable price. Don’t you know the cost of major injury or illness treated in well known hospitals? If you don’t know then I am telling you it’s devastating, so Health insurance helps you to provide necessary care and money during your worst time.

Even government has made the Law i.e. Affordable Care Act. In this act everyone has to register for health insurance according to financial income because our health is most valuable asset. You care for your car and home then why not health? I sharing some of the facts that you must know about the trip to the hospital:

  1. A simple fracture can charge of more than $7000.
  2. If you are having fever, only the tests cost $1000-$2000.
  3. In case you have taken the special care room for 2-3 days in case of emergency that will cost $ 1500-$2500 or even more.
  4. In case of delivery of baby, it costs $7000-$10000.


Health Insurance
Health Insurance

I think this makes you feel afraid but you can save it if you have done your proper health insurance. There are some benefits of Health insurance: It makes you stress free in case of any emergency. It makes you feel secure by providing peace of mind.

I think every person think over whether they can afford or not so don’t you worry, there are many plans monthly, yearly, half-yearly. You can choose best affordable plan that will suit you. If you really don’t feel to take any health insurance plan then eat right for your health, exercise daily and stay away from diseases.

#Tip: Stay away from fraud and abuse that make fraud documents for health insurance. Before taking any health plan, you can check the previous history of the company from which you are taking the plan. Stay healthy and stay protected this is our wish.

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