Which Sex position will burns more calories?

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Are you a fatty person or having tummy out? Why are you thinking to join a gym? Why are you thinking to run in park for burning the calories? Don’t you know that there can be one more procedure through which you can burn more calories in pleasant way? What is it? Ahem!! You know it i.e. Sex.

Do you know missionary sex positions can burn more than 45 calories per minute? All kamsutra positions can be the great workout without having headache of losing fat spending 2-3 hours in gym daily. Burning of calories depends upon the couples’s way of showing their love. Every single step can be the calorie burner that includes: Hot kisses, dressing and undressing of clothes and foreplay before having sex.

Let talk in brief that step by step procedure of burning of calories:

  1. If you want to increase the sex time, you have to increase the making out time, as 30 minutes causes burning of more than 200 calories.
  2. Definitely then foreplay occurs that causes 200 calories more if you can do it for 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Undressing of innerwear’s with hands and mouth causes burning of 100 calories.
  4. According to, person to person some are interested in doing oral sex too that will burn 80-100 calories
  5. Missionary Sex positions for 1 minute 40 calories if for 5 minutes then burns 200 calories.
  6. Standing positions causes burning of more than 500 calories.

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As you can see how many calories burn if you do these steps every day? The climax of this article is still pending that which sex position will be the more calorie burner? I have read in article that has mentioned about this:

  1. Standing positions directly affect the leg muscles that cause burning of 40 calories.
  2. Doggy Style affects directly on abs, legs and arms that will burn more than 60 calories.
  3. One style that even I have heard for the first time Shoulder position in which boy is standing on knees and girl’s leg crosses the shoulder that will burn more than 80 calories because that can do exercise of back,arms,abs,inner muscles,thigs muscles.
  4. Women are on top that affects on abs muscles which can burn more than 50 calories.


In Toto, the winning position would be the shoulder position that can burn calories more than any other positions mentioned here.

I love to write blogs and articles on sexual health tips and topics. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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