What the celebrities are saying benefits about yoga?

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The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit which means ‘to yoke’. Yoga is a form of exercise that can develop your body as well as the mind. Yoga is controlling our body and mind simultaneously. The goal of this practice to make your body flexible and spiritually fit. Yoga helps to Revitalize and Revive. As we all know “Prevention from any disease is better than cure”. Yoga makes your respiratory, circulatory system active that keeps you away from diseases. The exercises in Yoga are considered as Asana. The benefit of Yoga is flexibility, good posture, strength and mental peace etc.


Recent News and words by Celebrities:

Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan, American actress feels the posture in yoga gives strength and calmness. Meditation contributes a lot in yoga that make her free from stress and pain.

She is popper, celebrity, diva and a fan of hanta yoga, she believes music and yoga are made for giving relax to your body and gives peace to her soul. She also believes, adopting yoga is the path of getting more active.

Ricky Martin
He has stolen million of hearts around the world. He believes yoga helped him in getting stability of mind, heart and body. He even fond of doing yoga that gives him peace.

Charlize Theron

She swaps cycling for yoga as she believes that yoga is the way that can maintain the shape of the body. Recently in the news I have read that Charlize Theron attends the yoga classes in Cape Town, South Africa on Friday.
Demi Moore
There is a recent news article in which, she is planning to come India for Yoga, as she is booking a trip to Rishikesh where yoga spiritual centre is there. Where she will do meditation near Ganga River, walk early in the morning and take veggie food.

Yoga Posture

Benefits of Yoga in daily life

  1. Flexibility: The practice in yoga contains lots of asana and these asana works by stretching of your muscles. Most of the actors really want to be good in dance steps that require too much flexibility. Yoga is the only exercise that can provide flexible muscles that encourage celebrities to perform any dance step. According to survey, continuous practice of yoga increases 30 percent of flexibility in 60 days.
  2. Good Shape: Yoga exercises every muscle in efficient way that gives you proper posture. Yoga consists of sitting, standing, sleeping asana that maintains your body.

Celebrities are very conscious of their bodies because if you lose the posture, you will lose business while for women, once you lose posture, you will lose everything.

  1. Strength: There are so many asana like standing on hands; some difficult sitting asana that makes you pull your body muscles that improves stamina as well as strength. Celebrities are preoccupied in shootings and many other works, so they require strength and immunity to be active always.
  2. Mental Peace: Some Yoga postures use meditation that can give peace and stress free mind. Meditation increases the concentration and focus of mind. The hectic schedule of celebrities makes them feel stressful, but yoga helps them to calm and relax their mind.
  3. Blood Pressure Reduces: The asana includes in Yoga reduces the blood pressure, it is highly crucial for people who have had a heart stroke. Acting consists of many dialogues in which high pitch is required that time it increases the blood pressure of celebrities. So, Yoga helps in reducing their blood pressure and makes them feel calm from inside.

I love to write articles on how to get fit whether by exercises,yoga or healthy diets.Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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