What Salman Khan does for his Health?

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Salman Khan, bollywood star, a, celebrity, a host, a humble man. He is the man who brings the trend of 6 packs abs in the bollywood industry. I know most of the people inspired from Salman khan dieting secrets so with this blog I would like to share the secrets of health of Salman Khan. What Salman says,” I do workout in gym, I love to cycle, I like to swim and eat healthy food that is the secret of my body that makes me feel always young.

What Salman Khan does for his Health?
He cycles occationally, but when he cycles, he can ride more than 50 km from Bandra to some other place


One Astonishing thing I would like to share “He cycles occationally, but when he cycles, he can ride more than 50 km from Bandra to some other place”. He do 1000 pushups and 2000 sit-ups everyday which even athletes can’t do.

What Manish Advilkar (Trainer of Salman Khan since 6 years) says?

Salman is very dedicated to his health. Whatever the schedule, Salman do works out for 2 hours every day .He is very much concern to tough cardio vascular exercise and along with strength exercises like legs, back, biceps, pushups and triceps.How to get fit like Salman as you have to follow his diet plan.

Salman with his trainer Manish Advilkar
Salman with his trainer Manish Advilkar

“The most surprising thing that He even do exercise at 2:00 am if he could not able to do because of hectic schedule. He even calls to his trainer around 3:00 am for training sessions”.

About his Diet Plan:


He likes eggs, milk, chappaties; bread along with butter.He usually takes heavy breakfast that gives him energy for the whole day.


In Lunch he prefers to eat: Nonveg food that includes chicken and fish and he is fond of fruits and salads so he eats lots of fruits in lunch.


His favorite cuisine is Italian, generally he prefers to eat fish, chicken and end his food with different kinds of soups.

What makes Salman Khan a “Shirtless Wonder”?

  1. Dedication to health by doing jumping jacks and pushups as his warm-up.
  2. By maintaining the shapes of leg muscles, he does deadlights everyday.
  3. He does Crunches, Cardio, Planks in the order of 5-5 sets.
  4. He stops his exercise with Treadmill.
Salman at gym
Salman at gym


If you are the beginner then don’t do this kind of work out .But if you are doing work out over a year’s then you can inspired from his diet plan that makes your body look like Salman.You know even after 40 years Salman looks like a young chivalrous man due to his excellent physique. A body like Salman Khan’s requires many years of hard work.

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