What is the right time to do sex and why?

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 Why I opt this title because with this blog I want to show: Is right time makes you give more excitement of having sex or makes you healthier? There is no question of having doubt that health is also depending upon sex on right time. Do you know couples feel more excitement of sex in morning? Why? It is because releasing of oxytocin, a chemical in morning make couples bonded together.

Having sex in early morning makes you look more beautiful and it will also increases the activeness and immunity of the body for whole day work. You know I would like to share the fact that if you do sex in morning more than thrice in a week that can reduce the chances of heart attack too. This shows sex and health are highly correlated. Many researchers said, the people who do regular sex having lesser sick days in whole year. I have read an article in which Sex is considered as defender against virus that causes diseases.

Morning sex improves your libido that will increase the time span of sex as well as lubricating the vagina that gives you amazing feeling.Sex is really an exotic and healthier exercise that augments your flexibility. It is also managing testosterone and estrogen. Sometimes due to hectic schedule and tiredness, couples went to sleep without having sex but if you really want to spend time with your partner then don’t miss it as morning time is the best time to ignite your feeling towards partner.

What is the right time to do sex and why?

Key points of having sex in early morning gives you an advantage:

  1. Funny but true that if you do sex in morning, you are enhancing the mood of your partner that gives to good breakfast of your choice from your partner that will benefit for your health.
  2. Sex removes your stress, depression and boosting your libido.
  3. Early morning sex gives to satisfaction and makes your mind calm and fresh.
  4. Testosterone is the petrol for sex performance as morning sex improves the level of Testosterone as well as the power of erecting that satisfies the women.
  5. Morning sex helps you to glow more as the percentage of oxygen is more.
  6. A morning sex makes your healthy heart.
  7. Pleasure in morning sex reduces the headache or pain, as it will convert pain into sweet pain.
  8. Due to stress women facing irregularities in periods but morning sex can improve the menstrual cycle.
  9. It also increases trust and intimacy.Healthy sex and intimacy makes couples bonded together.

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