What happens to your brain when you eat Junk food?

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Junk means ‘useless’ or ‘extra’. Pizzas, Burger, sandwiches, samosa, golgappe, bhelpuri, French fries, chicken rolls, Mayonese patties etc are served everywhere in the world. The ironical fact is “All you like most is junk”. Junk food is terrible for heath instead of it; we eat more than twice in the week and some are addicted who take junk food every day. Crowd is shifted to prefer junk food daily because it is good in taste and it is easily available nearby your house.

Junk food comes in the category of the bad fats; the consumption of these fats causes many brain and heart problems. Tran’s fat increases the obesity that causes activeness of the brain. Overeating or Eating of junk food on daily basis affects the episodic memory according to recent study. There is a study published that’s shows eating of junk food for 7 days regularly causes memory problems in rats .It is not applicable only for animals but also for humans too.Trans fat (bad fat) replaces the good fat from the brain and causes neuron cal problem by transmitting of the messages from dendrites to brain.

Junk Food with burn your brain from inside
Junk Food with burn your brain from inside

Leptin is the hormone which is highly important for our body. It tells the brains that how much fat has to be stored of body. Whenever we eat, fats get stored which increases the level of Leptin and whenever brain sees it makes us stop eating but, problem with the obese people that Leptin isn’t works. Whenever you take a diet in which carbohydrates are there, insulin a hormone which is secreted .Insulin also tells the fat cells that how much fat need to be store by fat cells. Insulin also blocks the Leptin signaling to brain.

How to train your brain that Say No to Junk Food!!!

  1. Keep your Refrigerator full of healthy food: When you feel like eating, open your home refrigerator and eat fruits, cashew nuts, dairy products, juices, sprouts etc.
  2. Follow ROG rule: Red, Orange, Green as it symbolizes carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, salads etc. i.e. consumption of green vegetables.
  3. Dry Fruits: Try to have Apricots, cashews, raisins etc whenever you feel hungry.
  4. Pineapple and Red Grapes: It gives the feeling of the deserts that makes you fit and healthy.
  5. Eggs: Egg white is rich in protein as consumption of egg every day makes you away from junk.                        Consider an article  to have healthy breakfast in less than 10 mins.
    Source url:http://healthygyan.com/healthy-oats-breakfast-in-less-than-10-minutes/                                             I wish I could write as many as on low carb snacks or makes people aware of cons of junk food.

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