What Food that every cricketer must eat before World Cup 2015?

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Well as you know cricket world cup 2015 is starting from 14th Feb, 2015. So, this article is dedicated to the cricketers. It is the high time where they need to do more practice and preparing themselves fit for world cup. So, some of the diet tips that will enhance fitness and endurance to them.

6 foods give proper nutrition to cricketers during World cup:

  1. Spinach: The immune system is fundamental thing and Spinach is the best that will improve your immune system and make you away from diseases and viruses.
  2. Nuts: No doubt, nuts are great in taste and source of good fat.
  3. Tuna: It is better to take tuna in lunch as it is great source of Omega-3 fats and also in proteins will give endurance and energy.
  4. Green Tea: Before breakfast , it is better to take green tea rather than coffee or any other soft drink because green tea will improve the metabolism as well as it helps in reducing fat from the body and give better fitness.
  5. Fruits: Banana is rich in potassium and will give instant energy.
  6. Chicken and Cottage Cheese: As, Cottage Cheese is highly crucial because it is high source of protein.

Most preferable diet plan for the day.

Breakfast: Bowl of porridge along with Almond, raisins and Pista with milk or 4 glasses of fresh juice that will boost stamina.

Workout: It is necessary   to do workout as well as play any game along with cricket just like badminton that will increase the concentration. After workout it is necessary to take some protein diet that will give energy.

Lunch: Curd, Vegetable Salad, Chicken, Dal- Chapatti is most preferable. It is better to eat more in breakfast and lunch that will give energy for the whole day.

During Cricket Training: Electrolyte is highly important so it is preferable to take Electrolyte or Glucose throughout the session.

After Cricket Training: Protein shake, boiled eggs or eat some peanuts and some dates too.

Dinner: Soups and Salads are most preferable. It is better to eat light in night because eating night food will take more time to digest. Fish and chicken in small quantity can be preferable.

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