Undress your clothes without getting naked in public

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In Today’s scenario, it is important to make a dress for women that can help them to undress any cloth without getting naked .After having workouts, swimming, yoga like activities, sweat is all around in your clothes that makes your cloth to stink .So, don’t you feel to change the clothes as soon as possible or Are you feel ashamed of undressing in public? By thinking this problem Sources: kickstarter.com, they prepare a dress that can help you to change your clothes into clean clothes anywhere, anytime or in public without getting naked. Denis and April made such a smart dress that can make impossible thing into possible. Dress is even elegant, comfortable, and easy to wear.

Source of photo: Kickstarter.com

Dress name:Undress

I really appreciate to Denis and April for making this concept for women’s security.

I love the concept that how you can wear this by tugging from inside and the pocket given on the one piece to remove inner-wears. You can change to any dress by using this one piece. It will come in many designs what you can like,grab it.There is a hidden pocket near actual pocket in one piece for holding phone and other asset.

This dress seems like miracle happens. The best thing about this dress is you can also wear this while you are wandering on beach or after swimming. The cloth is very comfortable what i have read. If you search Undress your clothes without getting naked you will get the link of video too to make you understand better that how to use it.

One of the features of this dress is that, it is too portable enough to carry anywhere or you can make a long dress into short by tugging it from back hook, that makes you look more beautiful.

Follow the image for better understanding.

Source: kickstarter.com
Source: kickstarter.com

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