Golden 850 words on Thyroid

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The problem of Thyroid is something related to our endocrine system .It can be seen in females or males of any age but the problems of thyroid comes more in women. In human system thyroid is the biggest endocrine glands. … Continued

Healthy and Delicious Mexican Baked Eggs:

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According to survey, children who usually do breakfast have better performance in class and games. Not only it provides energy but also helps in problem solving. Healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it will provide … Continued

Best Diabetic Drink: Spicy Kokum Drink

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Have you heard about Kokum? Kokam is the fruit bearing plant which is also known as Garcinia indica that have numerous benefits on health and is been used in pharmaceutical industries.This plant yield maroon color fruits. The popular kokum sherbet … Continued

Tasty and Healthiest Diabetic Salad Recipe

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Why it is considered as tasty and healthiest because the taste comes out from burning of corn with some smoked Mexican flavors that make it tastier. Why it is healthiest because this salad is highly rich in fiber and have … Continued

Why India’s Most Healthiest breakfast is Idli and Sambhar?

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Kolkata’s traditional breakfast  is neither good in protein not in fiber due to excess of Maida which has only carbohydrate .If you consider Delhi’s then their traditional breakfast is parathas  which contains fat and well as oil and In Mumbai , … Continued

Eat right during pregnancy

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Healthy diet is essential for the growth of new born baby during pregnancy. It is important to balance every nutrient in your diet. During pregnancy you with need Protein and Calcium that helps in developing the bones of the baby. … Continued


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Butter chicken is also known as ‘Murgh Makhani’ is an Indian recipe was originated in 1960 in the kitchen’s of Moti-Mahal, Delhi. Now this dish is served in every country. People of every country are fond of Butter chicken. After … Continued

What happens to your brain when you eat Junk food?

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Junk means ‘useless’ or ‘extra’. Pizzas, Burger, sandwiches, samosa, golgappe, bhelpuri, French fries, chicken rolls, Mayonese patties etc are served everywhere in the world. The ironical fact is “All you like most is junk”. Junk food is terrible for heath … Continued

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