Revealing the secrets of Sunny Leone‘s sizzling body

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Not only onscreen, Sunny Leone’s looks beautiful and fantabulous on off-screen too. There was an interview conducted in which Sunny Leone reveal the secret of her flawless skin and curvaceous body.”The only way to stay fit and healthy is to eat right and exercise”. Despite of hectic schedule, I can find many ways to burn calories every day. When I am not on work, I workout for more than 2 hours in gym. I prefer to do cardio exercise rather than weight lifting.

Interview Question: In today’s era eating healthy is so much challenging so how do you manage?

Sunny Replied: I initiate my calendar day with a cup of coffee and my breakfast includes of egg whites and toasts. After an hour I can take coconut water that makes me feel refreshed during hectic schedule. In my lunch and dinner, I prefer to have a healthy chicken salad with vegetables. In between Lunch and Dinner, I might take and apple or some other fruits. As I am a very much conscious on my food habits and I count my consumption calories too. I don’t like junk food as I don’t even snack in-between meals.

Secrets of Sunny Leone‘s sizzling body
Secrets of Sunny Leone‘s sizzling body

Interview Question: Tell us top 5 Healthy fitness tips?

Sunny Replied:

  1. If you take soda then cut it down intake by 80%.
  2. You must fill your fridge with healthy food or fruits so that in case of hunger you might not go for junk.
  3. If you take too much tea or coffee so cut it by half as try to take milk instead of tea or coffee.
  4. Stay away from fried food that will increase you taste bud but very much harmful for your body.

Interview Question: What you do for our silky hair?

Sunny Replied: While I am on shoot, many styling products, blow drying, and chemicals applying on my hairs that makes my hair too much dry. I use Argan oil massage twice a week to help my hair get back its importance. Also, coconut oil massage brings magical effect for your hair.

Interview Question: What you do for your beautiful skin?

Sunny Replied:

  1. I am not depending much upon cosmetics.
  2. I stay away from sweets, junk food, fried food for sake of my skin.
  3. I use a Japanese cream for moisturising my skin.

Interview Question: What you think about Yoga’s contribution in your heath?

Sunny Replied:

I practice yoga but that works slowly. I prefer to do cardio exercise more than that.

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