Magical Treatment of various daily problems by Ayurvedic powers and medicines

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1.Topic: Skin care in Summers

Problem:Skin pimples

Reason:In summers our skin pores got clog with dust that may cause pimples and itching on skin.

Solution: Wash your skin with raw milk then apply mixture of juices of lemon,tomatoes and cucumber.

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2.Topic: Tooth pain

Problem:Tooth pain

Solution: Boil some guava leaves add some salt to it. Once this can be warm(not too much) use it as mouth-wash that will remove pain instantly.


Guava leaves
Guava leaves

3.Topic: Blood cleaning

Problem:Blood cleaning problem

Solution: Use of Turmeric (Haldi) clean your blood. It also increases the blood flow as well as count of RBC’s in our blood.



4.Topic: Tonsils

Problem:How to overcome tonsils

Solution: Use of Alum(Fitkari) can provide relief to your tonsils. Add some alum and salt in warm water and take a mouth wash(Namak ke garare) that can help in tackling the pain due to tonsils.



4.Topic: Digetion

Problem:Digetion problems,How to overcome from Gastris: Refer this article for detail:

Solution: Use of  Mint(Podina(Hindi word)).Add 8-9 leaves of Mint leaves,Rock salt and Half lemon in 1 glass of water .That can help in digetion.



5.Topic: Summer Heat

Problem:How to beat the heat of sun. Refer article for more:

Solution: Use of Mint(Podina(Hindi word)).You can prepare chutney by adding onion to Mint that can help  in beating summer’s heat.


5.Topic: Gram Flour

Problem:Hair Removal from Face

Solution: Add some water in 2 Table spoon of Gram flour and 1 teaspoon Turmeric to prepare thick paste and applied on face untill it get dry then wash it can remove hairs from your face.


6.Topic: Potatoes

Problem:Flexibility of Arteries

Solution: Use of Mint Podina(Hindi word).Add 8-9 leaves of Pudina leaves,Rock salt and Half lemon in 1 glass of water .That can help in digetion.


  1. Topic: Eyesight

Problem:Weak Eyesight

Solution: Green gram dal(Moong Dal) helps in improving of eyesight.


  1. Topic: Body pain due to cooler and AC in summers

Problem: Body pain

Solution: Warm the onion water and apply on your feet and on hands where you feel pain as it will help you to overcome from that body pain.

  1. Topic: Sour Burps

Problem: Sour Burps

Solution: Roast cumin seeds in a hot pan and after cooling just grind it .Mix that cumin powder with honey and take it after meal that can remove the problem sour burps.



  1. Topic: Face Acne

Problem: Face Acne

Solution: Add honey to gram flour(Besan) applied on face for 20 minutes then wash it that can help you to remove face acne as it contains antimicrobial properties that fights with face acne.



  1. Topic: Bee and wasp sting

Problem: Pain after bee sting

Solution: Prepare a paste of  basil(tulsi) leaves with salt. Apply on bee sting that will give instant relief.

Honeybee Sting
Honeybee Sting


  1. Topic: Dandruff

Problem: Problem of Dandruff

Solution: Aleovera gel consist of enzymes that can remove dryness of the hair.Try to apply aloevera gel for 10 minutes before washing of your hair with shampoo.

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  1. Topic: Stomach worms

Problem: Problem of Stomach worms

Solution: Take 1-2 table spoon of basil juice for a week that can destroy all stomach worms.


  1. Topic: Black Head

Problem: Problem of Black Head on nose

Solution: Apply lemon water for 15 minutes on your skin for atleast 1-2 weeks then see the magical effects of lemon.


  1. Topic: Instant Glow on skin

Problem: Problem of Glow on face

Solution: Add some drops of lemon water in aloe vera gel then apply it on face for 15 minutes then wash with  cold water.

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Note: Start your day with early wake up. After wake up drink 3-4 glass of water and does some exercise then take warm water along with lemon water and honey that will make you feel fresh for the whole day. Start your day with proper breakfast that will rise the metabolism level and gives energy for the whole day.

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