Incredible 20 Core benefits of Pomegranate

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Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a fruit that is originated in North parts of India, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan mainly. It looks like red transient seed that are juicy and sweet. Its name is derived from French word seeded apple i.e. Pomegranate .It is rich in nutrition along with taste. This fruit contains antioxidants which make your skin to glow and Health to grow .The juice of Pomegranate is nothing less than “the drink prepared in heaven” this makes it different fruit from others. The juice of pomegranate contains Vitamin A, C and E along with Folic acid which can provide 30-40% of body requirement.

20 core benefits of Pomegranate:

  1. Bone Health: It contains Vitamin K which takes care of your bone health and Manganese for the structure of bones. Even this fruit is recommended if you are going gym.
  2. Protects your Heart: It contains anti-oxidants that help in increasing the health of heart.
  3. Lowers the blood pressure: By lowering the blood pressure and keeps the heart health grow and removing the cholesterol from the body.
  4. Teeth and Gums Healthy: It has anti-bacterial properties that can remove bad odor from mouth as well as fights with bacteria. It makes our teeth and gum healthy.
  5. Skin Glows: It removes the wrinkles from the skin and makes your skin young and healthy. It contains anti ageing properties.
  6. Curing Anemia: It is rich in iron which increases the levels of hemoglobin in your blood that can cure anemic patients.
  7. Proper Blood Circulation: It improves the blood circulation that can remove the blood clots.
  8. Weight Health: Pomegranate is capable of reducing the weight because seeds are low in calories and rich in fibers which can provide 30% of daily body requirement.
  9. Fights Cancer cells: It can prevent in spreading cancer cells or can help in curing the cancer in natural way.
  10. Prevents Hair Fall: Everyday Drinking of the pomegranate juice can prevent hair fall as it can strengthen the follicles of hairs.
    Benefits of Pomegranate
    Benefits of Pomegranate
  11. Fight with black-heads, scars and black spots on skin: Drinking pomegranate juice regularly fights with scars and can able to regenerate the dead skin by providing glowing appearance.
  12. Prevent Hyper-pigmentation: Pomegranate helps in preventing hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles that provides youthful skin
  13. Helps in Pregnancy: Drinking glass of pomegranate juice helps in maintain the blood flow to the baby that reduces the risk of brain damage of the baby.
  14. Juice for Diabetic patients: It is a tasty juice that every diabetic patient can prefer because it does not increase the blood sugar level.
  15. Regeneration of cells: This fruit is capable of healing the wounds through cell regeneration. It protects epidermis by repairing the tissues.
  16. Boost digestive conditions and increase appetite: Drinking juice of pomegranate increase the appetite and even fights with piles and intestinal parasites.
  17. Good for Prenatal care: It is great source of vitamins and minerals that can help in health of pregnant women. It helps in increasing the blood flow in foetus that can lower the risk of premature birth and underweight of a child. Juice also helps in preventing the leg cramps in pregnant ladies.
  18. Boost Immunity: It has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which fight with bacteria and viruses.
  19. Texture of skin improves: You know how wrinkles can occur? Breaking down of the collagen and elastic causes laxity that cause wrinkles, so what Pomegranate does? It produces collagen and elastin that tighten the skins which makes you wrinkle free. It also lightens the color of skin that gives you fair and glowing skin.
  20. Act as a face mask on skin: Apply pomegranate juice along with papaya and leave it for an hour then wash it off with lukewarm water.

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