How to get sexy and beautiful legs?

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Beautiful legs not only make you feel great around people but also improve self confidence in your mind. Loosing fat of legs isn’t easy; it requires lots of painful exercises every day. It really enhances your personality. Beautiful legs are one of the greatest asset of any girl to make her feel special while wearing mini-skirts, trousers and any flaunty dress i.e. one piece. Beautiful legs not only make you feel princess but also your boyfriend/husband gone crazy.

How to have beautiful legs?

  1. Burn legs fat by doing simple exercises everyday: Some exercises are need to be done to get perfect shape and will tone your legs definitely Squatting, dead-lift, Running / Jogging, Walking, Skipping rope, Cycling and Aerobic exercises. For more info on these exercises consider this blog: Squats.
  2. Leg Bath: You can have leg bath once in a month .Put your half legs in lukewarm water along with (shampoo+ rosewater+ oil drops) in bucket for half an hour and clean it with pumice stone. After than moisturize it with cream or oil.
  3. Massage of Legs twice in a week: Massage your legs with Ayuvedic or any herbal oil twice in a week or use mild soaps and shampoo while cleaning your legs. Fish oil massage removes pain as well as give beautiful shiny look to your legs.
    Beautiful legs
    Beautiful legs
  4. Avoid going in sun with naked legs during summers: Exposed to Sun turn your legs to tanning .Use sunscreen cream while going outside in summers.
  5. Avoid Sugar and Junk food: It is bitter truth that sugar and junk food will burn you from inside i.e. bring heavy thighs and legs which even make you feel embarrass.
  6. Waxing over legs: Waxing of leg hairs give you shiny and sexy look. Always use good quality creams and wax for removal of hairs or you can prefer laser treatment for hair removal but laser is quite costly so try to have waxing every month will get beautiful legs. Don’t forget to moisturize it by herbal creams that remove dryness from legs.
  7. Pedicure: Simple pedicure kit is available in market that can be used to clean your legs regularly. Follow instructions on kit that how to do pedicure?


The above tips are enough to have beautiful legs that even increase the love and bonding from your partner .These tips will provide toned and sexy legs with smooth and flawless skin. Now go ahead and follow this.

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