Health up: 15 Beautiful Things to do that gives satisfaction and Love to your partner

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Wonderful memories and moments between couple can create strong bond between them. There is couple of things that is much more than saying ‘I Love You’ or designing of your life to a new level.

  1. Recreate your first date: I know you all still remember your first date. So, try to recreate it on the same place and wear the same dress and create the same looks which were on first date and refresh your old memories with champagne glasses.
  2. Kiss in the rain: Well some of the couples hate rain water but I am personally suggesting try it once only for kiss to make you feel seriously different.
    Kiss in Rain
    Kiss in Rain
  3. If you get chance then Horseback ride on Beach: I don’t say much for it but if you want such a strange feeling then apply it.
  4. Kiss on the top of Ferris wheel: Generally fete or public amusement events are going on in every city so try to go and do it for once.
  5. For once try to wake up early and see sunrise from top point of your city and Sunset too: It is too much unique idea of doing very simple adventure of love.
  6. Create a documentary for your partner: Documentary is simple way of showing love and cherishing your memorable moments.
  7. Cook Dinner Together: Leave the man dominating nature and move into the kitchen to help your partner.
  8. Try to give one Romantic Quote for each other: It is too much filmy types still it gives happiness and pleasure.
  9. Watch movie ‘Jab We Met’ Once in month: As, jump into the water from the cliff and make sure that it would not be so much deep and should be secure.Jump into water
  10. Arrange Candle light dinner at roof top once in a year: It is something unique idea that will make your romantic life to a new level.
  11. Take a soap bubble bath: It act as enjoyment for kids but spread love for adults. You must try it for once in month to make you give satisfaction from your hectic life.Bubble bath
  12. Play Cards till 5:00 am: It makes you feel more enthusiastic toward games.
  13. Learn to dance and do it inappropriate location: It may be in washroom or in room or in anyone’s party.
  14. Plan for Picnic: Where you can bring all stuff to prepare bhelpuri , sandwiches and bring some games like chess, Ludo.
  15. Drink Whiskey or Vodka with no limit that makes you feels diminished once in year to express your feelings in unconditional way.**Whiskey and Vodka are injurious to health.

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