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Ancient Romans and Greeks use rose water and rose petal to soothe their skin and to perfume their bathrooms and bathtubs. Who said that roses are only made to your beloved? Rose petals and Rose water has numerous benefits on health and beauty.

Beauty Benefits of Roses:

  1. Rose water helps in improving the glow of your skin by tighten the pores.
  2. Rose Water provides natural conditioning as few drops of rose water can be mixed in shampoo will makes your hair to shine after wash.
  3. It is a toner that can remove dust and oil from your face if it is used with cotton ball.
  4.  Rose water consists of natural oil that will keep your skin smooth and soft.
  5. Roses have Anti-bacterial properties to combat ache and breakouts.
  6. It nourishes the scalp as well as growth of hairs.
  7. It has Anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe the skin problems or redness of the skin.
  8. The aroma of roses will enhance the mood and making you free from anxiety.
  9. The best ways to apply rose water in night that will wipe out all the dirt from your face and makes you feel fresh.
  10.  Using a few drops of rosewater under the eyes that will help to combat dark circles.
  11. Roses have vitamin C that will protect skin from burning into the sun.
  12. Use few drops of rose water in honey, gram flour and sandal that will become a natural face pack. Use it to have 15 minutes on face that will give instant glow on your skin.

Health Benefits of Roses:

  1. The fragrance of roses calms your mind.
  2. Have you ever prepared rose tea? Rose tea helps to improve the urinary system by eliminating the toxic waste from the body. Rose tea even fight against fatigue by improving endurance power. Rose tea also helps in removing the stress and tension.
  3. Roses have anti-bacterial properties that help in fighting ache and also cure headache.
  4. Rose water helps in reducing dark circles.
  5. Rose has powerful essence that even boosts your libido.
  6. It is antiseptic in nature that is also used in cleaning your eyes.
  7. In India, Gulkand (Rose petals paste with sugar) is putting into the Betel leaf, which is a perennial evergreen herb, having beautiful heart shaped leaves. This Gulkand is treated as desert after dinner which is far better than ice creams.

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