Golden 850 words on Thyroid

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The problem of Thyroid is something related to our endocrine system .It can be seen in females or males of any age but the problems of thyroid comes more in women.

In human system thyroid is the biggest endocrine glands. The weight of this is 15-20 grams. Its shape is like butterfly that persists inside under the neck. It is above the windpipe and down under the thyroid cartilage. There are so many hormones coming out from this just like t3 (triiodothyronine), t4 (tetraiodothyronine).These hormones control the human system activities make it stable. Thyroid glands can also be formed by Calistonin named hormone. It can collaborate with some other hormone to control the Calistonin Calcium Metabolism.

The working of Thyroid glands is controlled by Thyroid stimulating hormone (THS) and TRH hormone secreted by Hypothalamus actually controlling the (THS) hormone. These all inside glands are correlated and work together to make thyroid hormones stable and work in normal way. Iodine in appropriate quantity must be required in our daily food in preparing of the thyroid hormone.

Two main causes of Thyroid problem:

  1. Forming of Thyroid hormone in abnormal way.
  2. Increasing of the size of the thyroid glands in unusual way. If it is occurring then it is Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism.

    1. Hypothyroidism:

    This state comes when Thyroid hormones are produced less than needed. It can cause so many different problems like increase in weight, laziness, Gastric problem, hair loss, skin tanning, and problems in women menstrual cycle, problem of early old age and even it causes infertility in man and women too. It can also cause the stage of coma if proper treatment could not be taken for several times.

Note: The main cause of Hypothyroidism is lack of Iodine but in some areas where iodine is in appropriate quantity then it can cause by autoimmune thyroid (hashimoto) .In Hashimoto, body cells fights with thyroid cells. Radioactive Iodine treatment and thyroid surgery also causes this kind of problem. It is also known as central Hypothyroidism.

Diagnosis of Thyroid:

  1. Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism includes: Blood Test and Pituitary hormones. It is also called t3, t4 and THS.
  2. Hypothyroidism is known by the examination of Thyroid antibodies-antimicrosomal and
  3. Sometimes Sonography or nuclear screening of the thyroid glands will give better results.

The treatment of Hypothyroidism is done by giving the Thyrovision tablets. These tablets are taken in appropriate manner with empty stomach. It can replace thyroid hormone. The dose of this tablet is decided by physician. Dose can be changed according to the levels of thyroid hormones.

Note: It is important that pregnant ladies must take care of Hypothyroidism and treatment of Thyrovision after tests must be continue according to the guidance of doctor.


This state comes when Thyroid hormones are produced more than needed. It causes weight loss, increase in heart rate, weakness, loose motions, hair loss and skin problems, problems in women menstrual cycle, infertility in man and women, enlarging of eyes, eyes pain, reddishness and problems regarding heart attack.


Note 1: The main cause of this disease is autoimmune thyroid. It is also known as grave disease. Some of the causes are Multinodular Goiter, Solitary Thyroid Nodule and Thyroiditis. It is seen very less that Hyperthyroidism is caused by pituitary tumour of brain.


         Diagnosis of Hyperthyroidism:

  1. Hyperthyroidism is known by the examination of t3, t4 and TSH.
  2. Hyperthyroidism is known by the examination of levels of Thyroid antibodies in blood, Thyroid nuclear screen and
  3. Those patients that are suffering in eyes from Hyperthyroidism that are recommended to go for ct scan orbit.


Golden 850 words on Thyroid
Golden 850 words on Thyroid



  1. Medicine: Metamizol (Metimez), carbimazole (Niyomerkejol), propylthiouracil(PTU), Beta blockers.
  2. Surgery: Suspected or Full thyroidectomy
  3. Radioactive Iodine

Note1: Those patients who are suffering from Grave disease and along with eyes problem, they require special care treatment. Steroids are given to them .Sometimes radiaction can be given or has to done Orbital Deen freshen. Goiter may patient feel swelling under the neck or increase in thyroid make cause problem in breathe in-out.

Note2: It is not only important to examine thyroid only by the patient but it is also required to check the size of thyroid glands size by Sonography.

Note3: Nuclear screen can tell whether the nodule is hot or cold.

###Note3.1: If nodule is cold or greater than 1 centimeter then examine of Cancer can be done by FNAC.

Some Important questions related to Thyroid?

1. When thyroid glands are produced?
During pregnancy, when women have completed their 10-12 weeks then that time thyroid glands are begin to originate in foetus. So, it is necessary that thyroid glands of the pregnant lady should be normal.
2.How much Iodine is required?
A normal human required 150 mg iodine/day. Children require 90-120 mg/day and Pregnant ladies required 200 mg/day. It can done by our daily meals and if we are using salt that consist of iodine that it is very  good.

Refer this article for eat right during pregnancy:

3. What not to eat?
Cabbage, Cauliflower and broccoli causes goiter. If you are having goiter doesn’t eat all 3 vegetables.

Note:  It is necessary to examine t3, t4 and TSH of new born baby after 4 days of birth because there is

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