Gastris: The Tummy Bomb

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“The Tummy Bomb” is something like synonyms of Gastris. What I have realized the cause of Gas in my stomach is whenever I left my morning tea or could not have to take my morning tea on time then after 3-4 hours I would get this problem of Gastris which is nothing less than a very sick people. Is Addiction to something which we don’t get on time causes Gastris? Let’s come to biological causes of Gastris.


  • Virus is the main cause of Gastris.
  • Drinking of contaminated water, Shigella virus present in contaminated water causes stomach infection.
  • You generally contact with the people who has this Gastris virus.
  • Rotavirus and Norovirus causes Gastris.
  • coli and salmonella causes’ bacterial infection in stomach causes Stomach flu.
  • Eating of highly acidic food causes acidity.
  • Tomatoes and Citrus fruits also cause Gastris.
  • Sea food also contains toxic that causes stomach imbalance.


  • Vomiting.
  • Headache.
  • Diarrhea causes dehydration.
  • Light fever.
  • Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tracts feels like bombs are blasting in tummy.
  • Pain in the stomach and the intestines.
    Gastris: The Tummy Bomb
    Gastris: The Tummy Bomb


  • Remedy No 1#: Consumption of Food: Your stomach with be better if will take fluid diet rather than any solid.
  • Remedy No 2#: Have a BRAT Diet: B: Bananas, R: rice, A: Apples, T: Toast because it is rich in fiber and easy to digest.
  • Remedy No 3#: Have a Tea: Tea is also a best remedy for Gastris.
  • Remedy No 4#: Relax and take a long nap: Rest and relax can give you relief from Gastris.
  • Remedy No 5#: Have a Lemon Juice: I prefer to have lemon water along with rock salt act as a soothe to the contraction of the intestine muscles and helps in getting relief from diarrhea.
  • Remedy No 6#: Tummy compression using hot water bag: It can give relief from stomach cramp.
  • Remedy No 7#: Take appropriate medicine: Medicine that is prescribed by the doctor.
  • Remedy No 8#: Prefers to drink beverages that can reduce electrolyte from our body.
  • Remedy No 9#: Avoid dairy product: Its contains fats and sugar that causes
  • Remedy No 10#: Papaya: It consists of enzymes that can make digestion proper.
  • Remedy No 11#: Ginger: It is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
  • Remedy No 12#: Pepperment: It reduces stomach pain and even stomach ulcers.


  • Eat healthy diet or fruits that will improve your immune system.
  • Drink RO water that is clear.
  • Having enough sleep that maintains your body in balance.
  • Washing of your hand that makes you away from viruses.

I am writing this article because it is very common and genuine problem that causes lot of suffering.Proper healthcare is must to overcome from this.Thanks your comments are most welcome.

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