Flatten your belly with Shilpa Shetty tips

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Shilpa Shetty Kundra is very well known fitness diva of bollywood .She is known for her perfect figure in the bollywood industry .One Question I would like to ask from you all that whenever question arises which bollywood celebrity looks perfect in sari, then what answer will first strike in your mind. i.e. Shilpa Shetty.

How she is perfect? What are the fitness technique she is opting to flatten her belly? Let’s have the Shilpa Shetty’s words in crux “Always follow the healthy diet, if you won’t have enough time to work out then try to walk from home to any other place which is at least 2 kilometers away from you. I believe in yoga more than any other workouts.”

Flatten your belly with Shilpa Shetty tips
Flatten your belly with Shilpa Shetty tips

Healthy Mantra at glance by her:

  1. I maintain 2000 calorie diet every day.
  2. I drink around 8- 10 glasses of hot water that’s keeps my skin glow and cleaner.
  3. I drink glass of amla juice and a plate of papaya in morning.
  4. Between Lunch and breakfast, I have a glass of coconut water.
  5. In evening, two whole egg –omelette or boiled.
  6. I have tea in the evening with brown sugar with some walnuts and cashews.

Day and Diet Plan:



She starts her morning with yoga that includes the Asana’s named Uttanpadasana, Dhanurasana, Standing Asana, Virbhadrasana, Padahastasana.Following are the benefits of these Asana’s that reduces your extra fat and improves your body poster. It can also remove stress that brings concentration and focus on your work. She says, Yoga is the synonyms to stress-buster.

Dhanurasana  Asana
Dhanurasana Asana
Padahastasana Asana
Padahastasana Asana
Standing Asana

























Aloe vera juice that will increase her immunity then she takes a bowl of porridge and tea with brown sugar.


She does workouts 3-4 times in a week as she doesn’t believe in dieting. In gym she does stretching before and after the workout usually to prevent the strain of muscles. Just like Salman khan, she also loves cardiovascular exercise including treadmill that keeps her fit and trimmed body. After returning back from workouts she takes a protein shake, 2-3 dates and some black raisins.


Shilpa loves non-vegetarian food. She prefers to have Nonveg except Thursdays in lunch. She has dal, chicken curry, chappati that made from different grains that rich in fibers and proteins along with one vegetable.


In evening she takes green tea or simple tea along with 2 eggs if she is hungry too much.


She doesn’t eat chapatti in dinner as she takes soups and salad along with chicken.

I am passionate to write on health related topic.In this article weight loss diet chart by Shilpa Shetty.Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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