Does fertility depend on fat that we consume every day?

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Generally, when we heard the name ‘Fat’ it gives a bad meaning i.e. gaining extra weight to the body and even I am scared of this word too because whenever I heard it  I look upon my tummy Ha-ha that’s right, but  when I got to know good fats are actually crucial for the body to maintain the fertility process. Now, how fat can affect fertility? This topic reveals the hidden facts of the relation of Fat the fertility that we consumed every day. Fertilization is the process in which fertilized of the egg (ovulate) by the sperms that depends on the extra calories that stored in particular cells known as fat. A woman that is underweight or very weak that suffers from ovulatory infertility because hormones stop the processing of the system that controls the ovulation. It is possible that Anovulation causes troubles in conceiving.

 I have read many studies that says Low body fat/Trans fats makes women compromises with preganancy.MRI scans of normal women with underweight women explores the facts of fat cells and results says that an underweight women suffers  from  irregularities in ovulation and menses process. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a tool that is being used for calculating the ratio of fat according height and weight. It can give rough estimation of internal body fat.

Does fertility depend on fat that we consume every day?

In Toto, we have learned that low fats in body disturb the menstrual cycle and process of ovulation. In our society fat is considered as tummy booster but good fats in diet are essential for producing eggs in female ovulation process. Low fat can also be considered as Trans fat which is not good for fertilization. A recent study says that women’s that consumes low fat product can have troubles in ovulation process. Women that take heavy and healthy breakfast more than thrice in a week has 40 percent more fertility than a women who takes once in week.

Trans fat actually poses risk to fertility, it also affect the glucose metabolism in women body. Therefore, what diet you should take to overcome from the risk of it?Here some sexual healthy tips as follows:

  1. Consume dairy product that will give you sufficient fat.
  2. Consumption of Soya bean increases the fertility.
  3. Ice creams also have enough fat that can be useful for it.
  4. Whole grains and green vegetables like spinach increases fertility.
  5. Drink too much water that maintains the working of reproductive organs.
  6. Folic acid consumption improves the irregularities in menses cycle.
  7. Peanut oil that has high omega 6 fats.
  8. Stay away from Fried food,Chips,pizzas,Low fat dairyproducts,cookies,donuts,meat,potatoes,

Soft drinks.

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