Do you know what makes you give true happiness? Guess??? Guess??

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Do you know what makes you give true happiness? Guess??? Guess??Are you thinking of car, BMW, Audi, big farmhouse, big home, diamonds, gold, swimming pool, playing badminton, playing squash, travelling, painting, reading, mathematics etc etc….……You got the answer?? Now it’s my turn to answer this question?

Well what you thought off that gives you temporary or ephemeral happiness but if you want eternal happiness then “Help others”. I am re-quoting my words “Help others with no self motive will give you extra ordinary happiness which you can definitely feel every time in your life”.

11 Moral and Life lessons from our elders
11 Moral and Life lessons from our elders

Revealed: 11 Moral and Life lessons from our elders

  1. Live for others: Live for others doesn’t mean that not living your own life but if someone needs you or require help from you do unconditionally. That time give priority to other’s life.
  2. Forgive and Forget Everything: We can learn so many things from children’s like when we verate our kids, they cry and after sometime they forget each and every thing and come to us with the same love. So, try to forgive others.
  3. Control your anger: You are not here to argue with everyone. Be patient because anger will destroy everything.
  4. Go spiritual: There is no age defined for going spiritual, spirituality is just like a thread that will connect you to God. Spirituality gives you patience, faith and positive attitude.
  5. Positive Attitude: As you all know about the perspective of the half filled glass as some of them see the glass is half empty and some of them see glass is half full that shows about your positive and negative thinking. Try to find all positivity from everywhere that will boost your mental health.


11 Moral and Life lessons from our elders
11 Moral and Life lessons from our elders


#I want to share a story that shows positive thinking:

Characters: Old Lady, elder daughter, younger daughter


About Old Lady: Once there was an old lady living in village as her name was given as “Crying Lady” by villagers because she cries all the time. Her worry is something related to her daughters.

About Elder daughter: She was married to an umbrella merchant.

About Younger daughter: She was married to a noodle vendor.


Why she was worried?

During sunny day, she thinks no-one is going to buy umbrellas and my son-in-law’s shop would be closed. How he will earn and fulfill the needs of my elder daughter. These things make her feel sad and led her to cry that what happens if the shop has to be closed.

During rainy day, she thinks about her younger daughter that noodles can’t be dry without sun. So what if her younger son-in-law shut the shop.

Crux of story:  One day she met a sage. Even sage was curious to know about the reason behind the worry so she explained and the sage kindly replied, “I will tell you the path where your all grieves will  be buried and you would be live a cheerful life”.

Old Lady was eagerly to know how to tackle this problem. Saint replied,” Change your perception.”


During sunny day, think of your younger daughter that in strong sunlight she would be able to dry noodles and earn more money and her business will reach on top. Don’t think of your elder sister when day is sunny.

During rainy day, think of your elder daughter that in heavy rains she would be able to sell more umbrellas and earn more money. Don’t think of your younger sister when day is rainy     .

Toto: She followed what sage told her and now she is known for “smiling lady”.


11 Moral and Life lessons from our elders
11 Moral and Life lessons from our elders
  1. Positive attract Positive:

Moral values works with positivity try to live with those who are positive or talk about positive things. Positive environment makes your thoughts positive.

  1. Envy is waste of time:

It hurts you only no one bothers it. Don’t envy with the success of other people because you don’t know what kind of path they travelled.

  1. Time heals everything:

Sometimes, we could not able t find the solution of the problem then give time to it as time will heal everything as it will open the doors of everything.

  1. Family is Precious:

Give time to your family, live every single minute with your family because the support and love which your family gives you as no one will ever think of giving it.


  1. Start with penny and start to save little from today to save your retirement:

Saving is necessary whether you are earning less but save some little amount every month to save your retirement.

11 Moral and Life lessons from our elders
11 Moral and Life lessons from our elders

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