Diabetes: Causes, Types, Detection and Cure

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In medical language, Diabetes is known as Diabetes mellitus. Diabetic mellitus means assembly of the metabolic diseases that includes person’s high blood-sugar level which causes frequent urination (polyuria).

Cause of person’s high blood pressure:

  • Inadequate proportion of insulin production.
  • Tissues in body do not respond to insulin.

Symtoms of Diabetes:

  • Frequent urination (polyuria)
  • Instant Hunger and Thirst
  • Bad recovery of cell during any injury
  • Weight gain unexpected
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Sexual problem

Types of Diabetes

  1. Type-1 Diabetes (Juvenile Diabetes): In Type-1 Diabetes, the body unable to produce insulin. It generally causes at early stages before 40 year or in adulthood. Now, what patients have to take in this type of diabetes? Obviously Insulin injections for rest of their life. Insulin injection maintains the blood-sugar levels and it could be tested with regular blood tests. Around 10-15 % cases of Type-1 diabetes.


Causes of Type-1 Diabetes

  • Our own immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas that are also known as beta cells.
  1. Type-2 Diabetes: The body produces insulin but the production is not enough for proper functioning or body cells do not respond to the insulin. Approximately 85-90% cases of this type of diabetes.  When we grow older than risk of Type-2 gradually increases.

Causes of Type-2 Diabetes

  • Many Experts says that, when we grow old, our body is less physically active then Diabetes bang on it.
  • Lowering of the Testosterone levels in men causes risk to Diabetes Type 2.
  • Overweight, junk food, soda causes high risk to Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Physically inactive and obesity also causes Type-2 Diabetes.

Type-2 Diabetes is a perilous diseases and it gets worst if proper care is not given .In this      person has to take insulin tablets to maintain the blood-sugar level.

How to detect whether having diabetes or not?

A doctor can check with some test that will tell it is normal, pre-diabetes or Diabetes. There are 3 types of tests:

  1. OGTT(Oral Glucose Tolerance Test): In this test glucose is taken from mouth and blood level is checked after 2 hours.

If results show less than equals to 200 mg/dl that means diabetes.
If result shows between 140 and 199.9 mg/dl that means pre-diabetes.
If result shows less than 140 mg/dl that means normal.

  1. The FPG (fasting plasma glucose) test: In this amount of glucose is detected after fasting for 8 hours or overnight fast.
    If result shows at least 126 mg/dl that means diabetes.
    If result shows between 100 mg/dl and 125.99 mg/dl that means pre-diabetes.
    If result shows less than 100 mg/dl that means normal.
  2. The A1C test: The A1C test is based on the add-on of glucose to hemoglobin and red blood cells live for 3 Therefore, this test shows the average of a person’s blood glucose levels over the past 3 months.
    If result shows at least 6.5% means diabetes.
    If result shows between 5.7% and 5.99% that means pre-diabetes.
    If result shows less than 5.7% that means normal.

How to cure diabetes naturally?

  1. Bitter Melon (Karela): It is also known as Karela.It is highly effective in curing diabetes and can be taken in the form of juice or cooked and consumed daily. Most of them prefer to take in juice. The best effects can be taken in early morning with empty stomach.
  2. Gooseberry (Amla): It is the ancient remedy that can cure diabetes. It can be taken as raw or juice every day. It is rich in Vitamin C that can help in proper functioning of pancreas.
  3. Aloe-Vera: It is plant that is very common in houses. It has so many benefits in the field of cosmic. Its taste is not that much good but it can help in reducing blood-sugar levels.
  4. Neem: It is a tree that has anti-diabetic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property.
  5. Fenugreek (Methi): It is an herb that controls diabetes and lowers the blood sugar level. You can consume this with milk daily.
  6. Ginger: It is an Indian herb that is used in everyday cooking. It has lots of benefits like maintaining the blood sugar level, remedy for cough, cold and flu etc.
  7. Mango Leaves: It can be taken in the form of powdered form with water every day.


These are the natural cure methods for reducing the blood-sugar levels and I am taking guarantee that all of them are very effective in reducing diabetes. Still you feel that you should consult with a doctor or adopting some other methods then you may refer this juice to cure diabetes. I am sure it will help to get out from diabetes.

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