Daily Sex: Can it strengthen the bonding between newly wedded couples?

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Some of the Researchers think “Yes” because newly wedded couple cannot able to judge the prospects  of their partners just after the marriage. If couple will decide that “We will do daily”, then it would be the gift that both of them will give to each other every day, whether anyone is expecting or not, they know they will get once in a day. After  reviewing about daily sex from newly wedded couples as what they feel, most of them feel  happy ,consider themselves as a “sex full “life, even reduces the stress and forget anger which they will pamper on their husbands . I even asked one more question for fun that who will enjoy more during daily sex? One stupendous answer came which really make me think like woo: It was “If I put finger in my ear for rubbing, which will get more fun a finger or an ear”.



I have read an article in which  a couple who do sex  once in a week or once in two weeks having the sex less problem that causes headache, fights etc may be due to hectic schedule. Once both of decided to have sex daily may be for 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Then, what conclusion comes:- both of them are happy and free from frustration, then they realized that just like we need water, food everyday.Sex is even considered in basic need which needs to be fulfill everyday for newly wedded couples. So, Daily sex has so many health benefits too.


Daily Sex: Can it strengthen the bonding between newly wedded couples?
Daily Sex strengthen the bonding between newly wedded couples.

Some Daily sex benefits:

  1. Fat Burner: Refer the article: that can shows http://healthygyan.com/which-sex-position-will-burns-more-calories/ .Thinking about going gym and spending lots of effort to reduce calories, sex is the natural pleasant way to burn your fat and calories.
  2. Heart Attack chances reduce: Daily sex improves cardio vascular activities that can reduce the risks of heart attack.
  3. Exercise form: “It is a form of exercise that makes you fit”.
  4. Good Sleep: Happy and calm full sleep comes after having sex.
  5. Removes pain: Daily sex increases the production of oxytocin hormone that will give sensations and remove headache.
  6. Glowing of skin: Daily sex gives you a glowing skin.
  7. Prevents from Prostate cancer: Consider an article: http://healthygyan.com/what-is-the-right-time-to-do-sex-and-why/ As, daily sex reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
  8. Healthy Sex and intimacy:It increases the bonding between the couples.

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