Breast cancer: A nightmare for young women

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It is quite general that younger women between the ages of 18-35 do not judge themselves at the possibility of breast cancer. Around 2000-4000 women got breast cancer between 20 to 30 ages every year survey says. Before preceding the topic we must understand the structure of breast.

The breast is made up of three main things:

  1. Lobules: These are the glands that produce milk.
  2. Ducts: The main function of ducts to carry milk from lobules to nipples
  3. Stroma: These are the tissues that are surrounded by lobules, ducts and vessels of blood.

Breast cancer can occur in cells of breast as if it the cell that lines the lobules then it is considered as Lobular cancer and many more.


Warning signs of Breast Cancer:

Breast Lumps:  

  Breast Lumps in simple language ‘Swelling on breast’. When breast tissues undergoes with changes then it causes the thickness on the breast area. There are various myths regarding this that it is sign of breast cancer but I would tell you that it can or cannot be the sign of Breast Cancer because sometimes lumps can occur in younger women due to infection, abnormal growth of breast tissues.

Story of women at age 25:

I have read an article in which women told a story about her. I don’t  remember the name but her age was 25 , one day she woke up early in the morning  and what she sees that her nipple look completely different and it is completely inverted with lumps on breast .Being so young she never ever felt of warning of  breast cancer. Finally, she went to the doctor and her reports will assure her that she caught in the web of breast cancer. It was just like a worst nightmare for her. Finally she survived after having proper treatment.

Causes of Breast cancer in younger women:

  1. History of the family regarding breast cancer.
  2. Genetic Defect: BRCA1 mutation / BRCA2 mutation.
  3. Frequent Radiation therapy.
  4. Birth Controlling Pills.
  5. High Alcoholic consumption
  6. Red meat
  7. Obesity

Breast Awareness is highly crucial in younger women

Women don’t feel ashamed to check your breast once in a month that any change in breast, size, shape, nipples.

  1. Check whether your one breast is bigger than another.
  2. Nipple dislocation or inverted
  3. Lumps or change in shape
  4. Skin changes near breast.

Treatment of Breast Cancer:

  1. Lumpectomy
  2. Mastectomy
  3. Chemotherapy
  4. Radiotherapy
  5. Hormone treatment

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