Boxer’s Vs Brief’s What to wear: Men’s Health Topic

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Yesterday a question arises while taking in group that what to wear Brief or boxer? A group discussion occurs on it some of them are putting their thoughts to make them prove correct but you know without proper answer we can’t believe on anyone so we researched on it yesterday and will get the appropriate answer which is not even good for Men but also good for women to know about the fact behind it.

The answer to the question is “Boxers and loose clothes with improve the count of sperms.” Some of the couples bring their problems and doctor suggest them about the lower production of sperm count so in this boxers or brief can matters a lot.

Boxer’s Vs Brief’s
Boxer’s Vs Brief’s

Let’s go into the biological reason that testes require low temperature to produce higher number of sperm count, generally the temperature of the testes is much lower than body that why it is situated outside the body. Tight clothes or briefs overheat the testes and resulting in producing low sperm count or unable to produce sufficient sperms.

#Note 1: I am not saying that you can prefer to wear boxers only before any romantic night or you have to do all day work. Try to wear as per the daily routine and make testes free from tight or overheated clothes.

#Note2: Try not to wear brief in home, wear boxers or wear nothing that will increase your sperm count and will net get a problem of lower sperm count.

#Note3: In gym try to ignore sauna belts and hot steam that will affect on man’s fertility.

#Note4: Try to off your pants during home hours that not only help the testes in producing the sperms but it also helps in reducing the rashes near your private parts.

Taking help from Webmd and many more medical sites .Our motive is to make you healthy.Thaks for reading and your comments and compliments are welcome and appreciated.

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