Black Magic: Does it really destroy your health?

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Do you know what black magic is? How could you know that someone is doing black magic on you to destroy your health, wealth, property and married life? It is true that environment has both positive and negative energy and both are trying to cancel it so that environment is in equilibrium state. But what happen when black or dark energies will be more powerful?

Black magic is nothing less than the horror show. People who do black magic are very dedicated to their goals and their goal is to harm the health of people using black magical powers and make them sick and finally kill them. I know you won’t believe on this but it is the reality.

It is true that coin have two sides one you can consider it divine or light and second would be evil or darkness. The light is hosted by angels and darkness is hosted by demons. It’s your choice what path you want to select.

What encourages black magic?

Jealousy, Frustration and selfishness are the main reasons that can encourage black magic. It is hard to accept the happiness and prosperity of any close relative. This cause emerges of Black magic that can harm the health of any human being by performing various rituals or giving sacrifice of any animal or human or a child to invoke black powers. Today many black magicians ruined the happy life of human beings. Black magic is the activity in which victim don’t know that he/she under the dark powers. When the black magic starts its outbreak then it affects on the health, mind, and brain, and money, relationship of the victim and finally loss in every aspect that leads to suicide or death of the victim in a mysterious way.

Black Magic
Black Magic

Symptoms of Black magic on health:

  1. Always dreams of dead bodies and evil that will grab you.
  2. Hazy memory
  3. Irregular periods in women, dark blood coming out, or stopping of monthly periods.
  4. Miscarriages occur due to psychic disorder.
  5. Sensations like insects are crawling on your body.
  6. Severe Migraines and Headache.
  7. Insomnia with depression all the time.
  8. Unable to pray to get positive energy.
  9. Having high feeling of doing sex.
  10. Dreams of snakes, scorpion, graveyard and dead relatives.
  11. Problem in sleeping whenever you go to sleep suddenly you awake because of fear.
  12. Excessive drinking and smoking.
  13. Thoughts of suicides.
  14. Erecting and masturbating power goes down.
  15. Fogged mind.
  16. Strange sounds in ears.
  17. Obstacle is always around you.
  18. No happiness only sadness all around.
  19. Heaviness of chest and body when there is no moon night.
  20. Your face become dull and dark circles will remove the glow on your face.
  21. Lack of interest in life and wife.
  22. Senescence-(Rapid ageing)


How to get out from black magic if someone has done on you?

  1. Talk to the spiritual healer.
  2. Take a bath in salt and magical herbs
  3. Bring Amulet that will protect you.
  4. In India (black thread) used to wear to overcome from this.

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