All about Ebola Virus

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Facts about Ebola:

  1. Ebola is considered as EHF (Ebola hemorrhagic fever) is a disease caused by Ebola virus.
  2. The current outbreak of Ebola is severe in West Africa and travel warning to the infected areas is also given to everyone.
  3. Ebola virus found in infects wild animals like fruit bats, monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees. These animals are the host of Ebola virus.
  4. Ebola main symptom is bleeding from nose, eyes and even blood in vomit that makes doctors to give fluids and oxygen to maintain the patient’s blood pressure.
  5. No vaccine to prevent Ebola.
  6. Ebola is fatal disease.


2014 outbreak:


Guinea – 1350 cases, 778 deaths

Liberia – 4076 cases, 2316 deaths

Nigeria – 20 cases, 8 deaths

Senegal – 1 case, 0 deaths (infection originated in Guinea)

Sierra Leone – 2950 cases, 930 deaths



What is Ebola Virus?

Ebola is the disease caused by Ebola Virus was first originated near Ebola River in Democratic Republic of Congo and it may spread in all Africa and other countries. According to WHO, the current outbreak is West Africa is the largest and complex outbreak that causes so many deaths too.

How Ebola is transmitted?

It comes from the family of fruit bats that are considered as host of this Ebola virus. Ebola comes into humans through close contact with the fluids of body of infected animals like chimpanzee, monkeys, gorilla etc.After that it is transmitted from human to human in the same way like blood secretion or contact with broken skin. Ebola doesn’t transmit from air or water.

Symptoms of Ebola:

The symptoms of Ebola makes you feel by losing of the immune system. It is like a flu that usually show up for 2-3 weeks. Breaking of immune system consists of High fever, weakness, bleeding from nose, ears and eyes as well as inside. It causes rashes, diarrhea, vomiting, cough, headache, body ache, lack of appetite.

Diagnoses of Ebola:

Blood Test can tell you that whether you are victim or not of Ebola, if it is found Ebola then separate the patient from public to prevent the spread.

Treatment of Ebola:

Yet there is no cure for Ebola still many doctors and researchers are trying to find the cure. To fight with the symptoms of the Ebola they give a treatment includes fluids that will destroy the infected cells. It includes treatment of high fever along with the blood pressure.

Prevention of Ebola:

The best prevention method is to avoid going to the areas where Ebola virus is found. Yet there is no vaccine available for Ebola, you can prevent infection by putting mask and goggles when you move to infected area.


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