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  1. The Fit Smart is the latest sports and fitness device from Adidas.
  2. The purpose of this device is to calculate the optical heart rate from your wrist.
  3. It consists of optical sensor that will recognize your heart rate.
  4. It can also calculate workout time, calories, pace, distance and stride rate.
  5. It has wireless Bluetooth syncing that will be compatible with iOS and Android jellybean 4.3 or later versions.
  6. It has integrated Accelerometer that will calculate the pace and the speed while running.
  7. Backlit LED helps you to view in dim light conditions.
  8. This device is water resistant.
  9. It provides online cardio coaching with miCoach training plans created by professional coaches.
  10. It has 2 modes coaching with music that will up to 3-4 hours battery life and Marathon mode without music that will up to 7-8 hours battery life.
  11. It consists of Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (200 mAh).
  12. It will provide the feature of invisible synchronization of the for updates and coaching but it requires internet connection over wifi.
  13. 3 workout modes: Coach Mode: In this you have to follow the coaching comes into your Fit smart and it can target on heart rate and calories. Standalone mode: In this Accelerometer can determine the pace and the speed. It is difficult mode because no workout coaching is provided in it like in coach mode. Integrated phone GPS Mode:In this mode, it uses the GPS sensor to calculate pace per distance, and conjunction with the Optical to get the heart rate.
Adidas Training Accessories MICOACH SMART RUN WATCH Sources:
Adidas Training Accessories MICOACH SMART RUN WATCH Sources:


MATERIALS Silicon strap; stainless steel bezel; magnesium backplate. 
SENSORS  GPS, accelerometer, Mio continuous optical heart rate. 
SIZE  width 48.4mm, height 15.6mm, length (w/strap) 263.1mm. 
DATA MEMORY  4GB (3GB dedicated to music) 
DISPLAY  1,45’’ full color transflective TFT LCD, 184px x 184px with capacitive touch. 
RF PROTOCOL  Bluetooth™ 4.0 2,4 GHz, WLAN. 
WEIGHT  80.5 g 
USB  Charging dock 



  1. Not wearing the chest strap is excellent to calculate the heart rate.
  2. Easy Bluetooth connectivity with headphones.
  3. It will provide the zones of heart rate with different colors that will show you at glance that you are in which zone.
  4. Accurate measurements with good screen resolution.


  1. Expensive device.
  2. Sometimes it will give different reports you run on the same way. So how could it possible?
  3. Some graphical views are incorrect.
  4. You have to put slightly upper on wrist to get accurate results otherwise it cannot able to monitor proper heart rate.


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