9 Simple ways to convert your bad breath into good

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Halitosis is also called bad breath which is really embarrassing if you get to know from your friends or relative that you have bad and annoying breath. It seriously affects the relationships according to so many dentists.

Reason of having bad breath all the time

Generally bad breath is caused by the growing of bacteria in your mouth that can produce foul odor like rotten egg or even worse. Sometimes it is caused by B12-capsule who used to take in daily use for increasing the immunity. Rotten smell also caused by infected gum or cavity in the mouth. Sometimes crack and gaps can capture the food that causes bad odor.

9 Simple ways to convert your bad breath into good
9 Simple ways to convert your bad breath into good

9 Simple ways to convert your bad breath into good

    1. Brush your teeth before and after sleep:

    After eating food particle and debris filled in cracks or spaces or stick to tongue.So, it is necessary to clean it appropriately by brushing your teeth more than twice in a day. Whenever you wake up, inside your mouth bacteria is ruling so you are supposed to clean it.

    1. Use Electronic Tooth Brush:

    Nowadays electronic tooth paste comes in demand. They are more capable to clean the plague than any normal tooth brush they clean in very efficient way by proper spinning and rolling of the head of it.

    1. Eat less sugar because bacteria love sugar:

    As the title says that bacteria love sugar so it is better to eat less sweet and sugar things. It is the best method to stop bacteria to grow into your mouth. Limit your sugar products.

    1. Avoid food that has onion and garlic:

    Onion and garlic in food is responsible for bad odor so avoid it in food.

    1. Drink more water:

    Water makes your mouth wet that reduces the chance of growing bacteria. It is better to have more than 6 glasses of water every day to remove bad odor.

    1. Use tongue cleaner:

    Tongue cleaner is necessary because our tongue is sticky it can grab the food debris and stick to it so, it is necessary to clean it. It comes in U and V shape made of metal or steel that can be used to clean the tongue.

    1. Visit to your dentist in 2-3 visits in every year:

    It is necessary to visit 2-3 times every year to your dentist that will clean your teeth as well as for your healthy gums.

    1. Don’t drink as well as smoke:

    Smoking and drinking creates bad odor in mouth, so avoid it or leave it.

    1. Use peppermint and tulsi leaves:

    Try to have peppermint after lunch and dinner that helps to tackle with bad odor and whenever you have tea add some tulsi leaves that will combat with the bacteria growing on our mouth.

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