8 natural Foods to make your skin Beautiful

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Trust me!! if you consume these 8 natural food in your daily routine, then nothing can stop you skin to glow in few day according to researchers. It is really hard to take care of your skin. TV ads of beauty product that can do promise to give you smooth and spongy skin but they all are not able to provide it. Only nutritious diet can fulfill your demands and give you the vibrant skin.So, always consume the food that gives you glowing skin.

“Let’s check it out all 8 foods that can make your skin like a new born baby”:

  1. Yogurt:

“It is a delicious food that consists of multivitamins which makes your skin glow”.

Fresh Yogurt


#Surprising fact:  “Most of the countries provide Yogurt bath to make your skin like muhaah.”


  1. Fights with pimples and scars, as it consists of Lactic acid which is makes your skin sexy among all.
  2. Not used only as a food but also used as face pack. Apply Yogurt on your face for 20-30 minutes that removes dry and dead skin as it will open the pores of the skin that will increase the volume of Oxygen in your body make you look sexy day by day. Try it for once.
  3. Apply Yogurt with sandalwood and turmeric power that affects more to your skin.
  4. Removes Dark Circle: It consists of zinc that lightens the skin and prevents from dark circle.


  1. Papaya:

Papaya is the fruit that comes in market for the whole year as it consist of orange flesh that has lots of hidden benefits for skin and health.

Papaya Fruit


#Surprising Fact:”It is considered as “Angel’s Fruit”, In Australia it is referred as Paw Paw”.


  1. It consists of papains, carotens, vitamin C which has numerous of benefits on health.
  2. The pulp of this fruits used in so many beauty products that will give shine on your face.
  3. Papains, helps to remove dead cells and gives gorgeous skin.
  4. Peel of Papaya helps in removing cracks on feet.
  5. It removes pimple from your face.


  1. Honey:

Honey actually extracts from the bee hives that considered as the natural cleanser which gives you glower complexion.


#Surprising Fact:”Well Honey actually has something, that why most of the couple gives name honey to their partners.”


  1. Apply honey to your face twice or thrice in a week for 15-20 minutes that will make your skin soft and beautiful.
  2. Face spots and scars are removed by making paste of honey, lemon and tomato once in a weak.
  3. Honey with Rose water, apply it for 10-15 minutes then wash with cold water.


  1. Green Tea:

Most of researcher have founded that, it has anti viral properties that keep you away from viral, cold and cough.

Green Tea
Green Tea


Surprising Fact:” It is being researched that the people who drink green tea will improve the memory in their brain through Magnetic Resource imaging.”


  1. It helps to lose your weight, even Shilpa Shetty takes green tea in her breakfast. More about Consider the article: Flatten your belly with Shilpa Shetty tips.
  2. It improves our immune system and it is medicine to headache and stress.
  3. Its tastes bitter still a refreshing drink that increases the charm on your face.


  1. Carrots:
Fresh Carrots
Fresh Carrots


#Surprising Fact: “One surprising factor that you don’t know that carrots are used to be purple, yellow, white, red, and not orange. Bright orange carrots developed by Dutch which is most common today.”

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  1. Glowing skin: It consists of Vitamin C that gives you vibrant glowing skin.
  2. Prevents Ageing: Carrots consist of Beta Carotene that can able to do reverse cell damage which stops the ageing of cells.
  3. Rich in Vitamin A that is excellent for eyes and also increase you night vision.
  4. It consists of antioxidants that will improve the immune system.
  5. Pregnancy benefits:  a) Increases the breast milk.                                                                                                                                 b) Development of fetus properly.                                                                                                                         c) Reduces the risk of miscarriage.
  6. Treatment of Hair fall: Carrots acts as combat for hair fall.


  1. Salmon:
Salmon fish
Salmon fish

If you are non- vegetarian then Salmon is like treasure for you. Salmon is a most popular fish that consist of Omega 3s that will boost your intelligence and gives the beautiful skin.

Surprising Fact:”All salmon can die after they produce eggs”.


  1. Omega 3 helps to prevent from ageing.
  2. It comes in the category of good fat.
  3. It gives you nice complexion.
  4. Excellent source of Vitamin D, which prevent you from cancer.
  5. Salmon consist of DHA which increases child brain.


  1. Dark Chocolate:
Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate


Surprising fact:”Chocolate massage provided almost in every spa, it is recommended to have in every 3 months makes you look younger and lovely that increases lust and bonding with your partner”.


  1. It consists of caffeine along with antioxidants that remove dead cell and make your skin to glow.
  2. It improves blood circulation which boosts up the lust.
  3. Stress remover that gives super glossy look.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 8.Lemon:
Lemon with Lemon Juice
Lemon with Lemon Juice


Lemon is highly rich in Vitamin C that will make your skin relishing. If you drink 1 glass of lemon everyday that will make you away from sickness as vitamin c increases the immune system too.

Surprising Fact:” Lemon trees produce the fruit for whole year. Each Lemon tree can generate more than 500 pounds of lemons every year.”


  1. It whitens your teeth and removes bad odor from mouth.
  2. It makes your nails lovely.
  3. It will maintain the Gastris, the tummy bomb.
  4. It maintains the pH balance.

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