6 Magical tricks to lose your fat

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Weight loss, it is a problem by which not only India but also most of the world is affected today. If we talk about the market there are a number of product present referred as the solution to the problem of weight loss. The range of these products varies from various kinds of belts and equipment to a handful amount of pills and medicines.

The market is full of this kind of things but the question is “Will all these work?”Today in this article over the weight loss we will be discussing some of the ways through which we can lose our weight without expending even a single penny.

If I start for the procedure through which we can lose weight the first step in the way towards the destiny will be,


Success has no shortcut so even there is no shortcut of losing weight but Determination is the first and very important step for losing weight.. In the path of success (losing weight) there may come some hurdles but you should know your target.

Hunger is not a solution

Some times what just happens is, when we start the journey for the weight loses, we think eating less or staying hungry might help. But on the contrary staying hungry doesn’t help and at the end of the day it end up with eating thing which we were not supposed to eat.

weight loss tips

Be a calorie manger

Yapp!! Now we will discuss the most important step. In this phase you have to follow a certain number of rules which will in turn result into getting you to your target.

  1. Monitor your calories

You have to monitor the number of calories you are in taking as you will be working out accordingly for burning those calories. Some time we burn more calories which misbalancing the schedule.

  1. ROG rule (Red, Orange, Green)

Follow the ROG rule. According to the ROG rule in your each meal your plate should contain some products which have colour RED, ORANGE or GREEN. This will help you to mention the nutrition and there will be no extra space for the food which is not required.

  1. Salt is Assault

Salt is one of region to increase hunger which cause more consumption of calories. Ignore as much salt as you can. Salt has very little nutrition value as compared to other things.

  1. Eat a bite less

This is a kind of golden rule. At the time of meal always eat a bite less from what you want to eat or what you generally eat. This will result in 75 calories / day less calories consumption. Making you lose 8 pound weight in a year.

Water is important

Drinking water is also very important. It is not just for the sake of losing weight bur also water help out body to perform its metabolic activities. Moreover it will also acquire space in the stomach making you consume less.

Schedule workout

In the above point we have been discussing about the consumption of calories. The burning of right amount of calories is as important as consumption a right amount of calories.

I will not talk about the ways of burring of calories as you should select on your own because it should be selected according to the body and endurance of person, which varies from person to person.

Just for example “skipping ropes” is one of the best way I know to burn some calories. 🙂

Sleep tight

After a long and disciplined day a good sleep is as important as oxygen for survival. Have a good and long sleep at least 6 to 8 hour minimum. So that body get recharged for next day’s routine.

The above steps willonly and only if you are truly willing to get rid of some of your body fat else they will be another list of some weight lose bullshit.

Hope my article on weight loss tips helped you out in some way. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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