5 Superb Words that describes Weekends :Rest and Healthcare

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{A person who loves rest or you can say too much desire to stay in bed.}

Well you know after hectic schedule of week days everyone like to stay in bed so that they get a chance to show their love for their partners.




{A person who is pretending to work but actually not doing anything for that particular time.}

Well there are so many times in office when you pretend to be working but your mind is thinking something different from work.


{This word is interesting as eleutheromania is zeal for freedom}

Sometimes we are fed up with work and we actually require freedom and suddenly your boss says you may go now and do rest of the work tomorrow then we have excessive zeal for freedom which we can describe by enjoying every single minute.



Perfect meal or food that takes person into nourishment.

Basically during lunch hours everyone needs proper and good food for their health and that will give energy to body.This word is actually used for it



Lack of interest,boredom

There are so many people who are doing jobs without any interest.Their interest is  something different and doing work is different that causes dissatisfaction from the work or lack of interest.

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