5 natural ways to get Beautiful Breasts

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Over a century, both men and women have been fascinated by breasts. Breasts play major role in the feminine beauty. Well dropping of breasts caused by so many reasons like age, menopause, wearing wrong size bra, weight gain and loss .Losing the elasticity of breast directly affects the appealing of the body and even your partner show less interest in it. Therefore, it is important to lift up the breast that will increase confidence and love   of your partner.

There are so many artificial methods and surgeries to lift up the boobs but all of them are costly and having side effects on health. It is better to adopt home remedies which are more effective and cheap.

Perfect Breast size
Perfect Breast size

5 natural ways to get Beautiful Breasts are:

  1. Breast Massage: It is necessary to massage your breast with moisturizing cream or olive oil or aloe Vera oil that will boost the elasticity and toning of the breast. Massage with olive oil increases the blood circulation in breast muscles that can able to lift the breast.
  2. Right Size Bra: Don’t ever compromise with the size of bra that will change the actual shape of your beautiful breast. Always wear right size bra because breast requires proper support otherwise sagging off due to gravity causes lose and bouncy boobs.
    Right  Size Bra
    Right Size Bra
  3. Exercises for breast lift up: Push-up, pull ups, squats, yoga and chest press. For more info: consider this blog for exercises: Click here.
  4. Swimming: Swimming is the best exercise to exercise your every single muscle in the body. It tightens ups the muscle of breast that cause to lift up.
  5. Nutritious Diet for tight boobs: Proteins are highly crucial for tightening of your boobs.Mixture of cucumber and egg yolk everyday on your breast makes your breast tight and beautiful.Carrots, Cabbage, milk, fruits, papaya and tomatoes helps in the proper growth of your boobs.


  1. Stop smoking.
  2. Reduce the intake of caffeine.
  3. Wear Right size bra’s
  4. Avoid sleeping on stomach.

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