15 Things that Every Man should know about Sex before his 25th Birthday

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  1. Never compare yourself with other guys: Never discuss the sex stories of your friends with your partner that sometimes it makes your mood off. Do what you like be natural!!
  2. Cuddle her: Make her feel; sex is not as much important as love. Compliment her between sex.Love her from true heart!!
  3. Please you condoms always: Well whether both of them like it or not but it is crucial to have healthy sex and makes you away from any yeast and fungi infections.
  4. Don’t make awful gestures if someone farts: It is not the matter of laugh because sometimes it happens generally, so don’t make anyone feel embarrass.
  5. Compliments of her beautiful breast: Never feel ashamed in complimenting about breast because that will increase love and trust between the couples. Start your love  from kissing and end your love with kissing.Tips for getting beautiful breast refer this link Natural ways to get beautiful breast.
  6. Never bother about organism: Your partner never ever bother about shape and size, your partner always love that you should be hygienic and healthy.
  7. Blood Flow affects sex organs: Quick blood flow causes more erections. Sometimes it may not cause sexual desire.
    Love and Sex
    Love and Sex
  8. Kegal Exercise: Do you Know Kegel exercise for both men and women? More about Kegel exercise refer this link.Click here :
  9. Your Sperm is healthy: It contains protein, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B12.
  10. Sex makes women more attractive: Having sex thrice in a week makes women more attractive due to increase level of estrogen that makes her skin glow and bright.More on updated sex tips.
  11. Stay away from pill: It is being observed and a study showed that women who consume pills affecting the sex lives and show less affection towards partner.
  12. Never force for oral sex: It might affect the sex life because what you likes doesn’t mean she would easily like.
  13. Protein diet is must for better sex: You must have to take protein in your diet to boost up your sex life.
  14. Hug her: Hugs are the most beautiful gift that every girl likes. So, do it between sex that makes you precious in her eyes.More on this healthy sex and love intimacy.
  15. Listen Her: Never ever involved in such a way that if she is saying something and you don’t even listening her during intercourse.

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