12 Magical Secrets to get Healthy and Beautiful Vagina

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Vagina is like flower that requires proper care .Every women on this planet desires to have healthy and beautiful vagina that will increase confidence and love from their partners. Even healthy vagina makes your beautiful sex life. Here are some magical tips with explanation that how to get Healthy Vagina.

vaginal facts
vaginal facts
  1. Removal of pubic hairs regularly: It is necessary to remove pubic hairs regularly because it creates more sweat that leads to bacterial and yeast infection.So, it’s better to have shaved or trimmed vagina that keeps it healthy and beautiful.
  2. Use of mild soaps and shampoo to wash: Actually soaps are responsible for drying of the sensitive skin near vulva.Clean it very gently with mild soap with gentle care.
  3. Wear Cotton Underwear: It is clinically proved that cotton underwear is the best to wear because the passing of air to vagina is high that makes it healthy and fresh always but don’t wear in gym. Avoid fancy and synthetic underwear’s.
  4. Use Condoms: Not only protect from STD, it has lots of benefits of maintaining the pH level of the vagina.It keeps your vagina fit and away from yeast infection.
  5. Kegel Exercise: This exercise is especially for pelvic muscles that keeps your private parts healthy and tight.
  6. Avoid Sex during monsoon: Humidity increases during monsoon that will create risk of having fungi infections.
  7. Maintain Single Partner Relationship: It is necessary to have single partner relationship otherwise it causes genital and urinary problem.
  8. Avoid Public Western Toilets: Germs mostly occurs on western pot that will cause vaginal infections. Try to use Indian toilets.
  9. During Periods change sanitary pads in every 5 hours: It is necessary to clean gently and give proper care to vagina during periods.
  10. Healthy Food (Curd and Honey): It is necessary to have curd and honey everyday to have beautiful vagina.Curd and honeys are beneficial in fighting infections and germs.
  11. Avoid Deodorants and Perfumes: It is better to keep your vagina natural. Try to avoid deodorants that will create rashes and itching.
  12. Before and after Sex, go to bathroom: It is necessary to do urination before and after sex that helps to prevent urinary tract infections, it is necessary to wash your hands too after intercourse that will prevent bacterial and fungal infection.

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