11 qualities that every girl wants in his upcoming Groom

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  1. He can wash his own underwear/innerwear: Well it is not funny, if you are 25 years old and you are not even able to wash your innerwear’s that you are not capable of becoming right groom and the second thing is Man should clean the bathroom after bath. He must wipe out the water and make it clean so other people can feel the good habit of yours.
  2. He must love kids: Most of the Man doesn’t even try to show love to small kids around them so if he is unable to love kids then he is a superficial person.
  3. He is capable to manage the priorities according to situation/time: Suppose you are having the family function then the first priority would be the family work rather than friends, parties, job and girlfriend, if you are preparing for any course and you are having papers from next week then your priority would be your papers not the family, wife, money, job etc.
  4. He must respect every Woman on this Earth: He must respect every women even she is bad, in public transportation he can give seat to pregnant ladies and old ladies. He never ever comments on the clothes wearing by the girls.
  5. He must be good listener: A perfect man is good listener, he can able to listen properly and do appropriate action according to situation. He should be generic and chivalrous but not dominating. He should not be conceiting person.
  6. He must be little humorous: Not too much, he can able to crack/bang a sensible joke where actually needs to be that can grab attention among people and people can able to recognize him easily in their next meeting.
    11 qualities that every girl wants in his upcoming Groom
  7. He must cook at least one or two dishes: I am not saying that he can cook everything but he is capable to cook one/ two dishes that makes him all-rounder.
  8. He must be loyal forever if he is going to become Groom: I am not asking for any previous relationship’s that you have done in your teenager life but you must loyal to the girl that you wishes to marry and even after marriage.
  9. He must not addict to something: Something includes (gambling, cigarette smoking, drinking or any social media (Facebook, Watsapp).
  10. He must be Confident: He must be confident in every situation and the knowledge made him more confident.
  11. He must be fit: I am not saying that he would be my muscular man, but he is fit and must have good immunity.

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