10 Reasons why kissing is necessary for good health?

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Kissing is the way to show your affection and love towards your loved ones. Kissing has lots of magical benefits that you never ever thought off. So, 10 reasons that why kissing is necessary for good health:

  1. Calorie Burner: Kissing burn 3-4 calorie per minute. If you do kissing 20-30 minutes every day then you can lose 60-120 calories per day that will much better than doing workouts on cross trainer in gym that will burn 35 calories in 5-8 minutes at level 1. So, start and end your day by kissing your partners.
  2. Stress Reliever: While kissing, our body secretes the hormone oxytocin that produces the feeling of love and affection that not only relieves your stress but also remove pain of your body.
  3. Preventing loose cheeks: More than 25 facial muscles exercised while kissing that keep your cheeks tight and improve the blood circulation.Vigrous kissing not only burn the calories but it can do workout of our visage too.
  4. Live Longer: Those who start their morning and end their night by kissing their partner lives longer than those who don’t as new study revealed.
  5. Increase Happiness: The act of kissing produces endorphins that will give happiness the vanish your depression.
  6. Pain Relief: Kissing makes your body to release adrenaline that will help in relieving your pain.
  7. Nagging Headaches: Locking of lips helps in fighting headaches.
  8. Strong bonding between relationships: Kissing is synonym of love and care that will maintain the strong bond between couples.
  9. Enhance Sex Performance: Kissing is the type of foreplay that will help in increasing the chances of erotic feeling that will improve the sex performance.
  10. Boost immunity: Kissing makes your body defensive against viruses and diseases and it will boost up the immunity.

Physical intimacy is highly crucial for having good health.I love to write  on healthy sex and intimacy.Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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