10 Outstanding health benefits of Carrots

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When I usually hear about the name carrot, I always remember the Cartoon character Bugs Bunny rabbit that eats carrot in unstoppable way. Apart from this Carrot are the root vegetables that not even well in taste but also having lots of health benefits. You can eat it raw just like Bugs Bunny that will give you instant energy. Carrots are rich in vitamins and minerals that are perfect for cleaning the black spot, pimples and scars on your face. No juice can beat Carrot juice in winters. Carrot juice not even increases your vision which you been heard in childhood but also have cleansing effects on skin.

If you are Indian then you definitely know about “Gajar ka Halwa” which is an outstanding sweet dish in winters that even you can find in every marriage in winters. Carrots contain Vitamin A that can improve night vision and strengthening you immune system. Let’s have the benefits of Carrot in glance:

  • Carrots for Charming Skin:

Carrots contains anti-oxidants and Vitamin C that can responsible for making the skin to charm. Everyday a glass of carrot juice in winters makes your skin to glow.

  • Carrot juice fights with Black Spots and pimples:

Carrot juice is highly effective in removing brown black spots and pimples from skin. It kills the bacteria that cause pimples.

  • Anti-Ageing:

Vitamin A and antioxidants that prevent early wrinkles and uneven skin tone that makes your skin younger.

  • Anti-Cancerous:

Carrots consist of carotenoids that can help in destroying the pre-cancerous cells in body also reduce the risk of cancer.

  • Eye Sight:

It contains beta-carotenethat is an anti-oxidant which can help in improving the eye-sight.

  • Prevents Heart Attack:

There are many studies that showed consumption of the carrots everyday reduces the risk of heart attack to those who ate one or two carrot in a month.

  • Kill Leukemia cells:

Carrot juice kill leukemia cells various studies and research work shows.

  • Carrot juice for Diabetic patient:

Carrot juice is considered as best juice for diabetic patient. It can maintain blood sugar regulation. It regulates the glucose and insulin in body which is very much helpful for Diabetic patient.

  • Boost Immune System:

Carrots considered as goldmine of Vitamin and minerals. As Vitamin C improves the activities of WBC’s (White Blood Cells) that helps in boosting our immune system.     

  • Dental Health:

Beta-carotene is carrots that can strengthen our bones and teeth.

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