10 Hidden Health benefits during Sex

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SEXercise gives 10 hidden health benefits:

  1. Reduces pain during Menstrual period: It is being surveyed that sex will help in diminishing the pain during periods. Many women agreed for that.
  2. Boosting your Libido: Better libido will increase the sex time and also gives surprising sensations and feeling that takes you to the highest level of relief.
  3. More Sex, happier: It makes you happy always and also increases the activeness in work.
  4. It keeps you away from diseases: Once or twice sex in a week increases your antibodies that will protect you from cold and flu.
  5. It burns fat: It will burn fat as well as every move from make out to foreplay burn calories, as more than half an hour will burn more than 100 calories. It is the best pleasant way to lose your fat. There are list of position that will burn excess calories refer this blog for more: http://healthygyan.com/which-sex-position-will-burns-more-calories/
    Sex Facts
    Sex Facts
  6. Remedy for headaches and pain: During sex, oxytocin is released which is also known as endorphins that can take you to world of relief and away from stress. Technically it does not remedy for headache and any other pain because of great sensations during sex aren’t make you aware of these pains.
  7. Balancing the blood pressure: Sex lower down the blood pressure as well as banish the bad mood. Many doctors have researched that sex is also a remedy for maintaining the blood pressure.
  8. It makes you look young: It acts like an anti ageing regimen. It is true that sex is responsible for young and charming skin for girls.
  9. It makes strong bonding between couples: Having good sex life will improve the bonding between the couples and makes their relationship for longer.
  10. Regular Sex wouldn’t affect erectile dysfunctioning: Men who do regular sex don’t come with the problem of erectile dysfunctioning, as it will boost the organism.

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