10 BASIC Health Problems Questionnaire With Answers

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Q1. My son lost his appetite? What should I do?

Ans: Use Mustard oil in every dish for cooking that will increase your son’s Appetite and that will reduce the problems of digestions and make your body fit and healthy.

Tip:Always try to take low carbs diets.

Q2. I am having headache twice in a week? What should I do?

Ans: There are 3 major reasons of primary headache:

  1. Mental stress is more than Physical stress.
  2. Less amount of Calcium in body.
  3. Dehydration.
  4. Skipped Meals and Lack of Sleep.


Solution: Despite of doing continuously work, we should stand and walk for a while because body requires exercise .Take 1 glass of Milk every day before sleep. Your body requires lots of water so try to drink water in every 10 minutes while working. Never skip your breakfast or your meals that will make your body acidic and do gastric problems as well as headache.6-8 hour sleep everyday to overcome this problem.

 Milk-Fight againts Headache

Q3. My fractures take too much time in recovery?


Ans Lack of Vitamin K in body cause this. Eat Ladyfinger, that will provide Vitamin K to your body and makes your bones strong.


Q4. Any tips for this Rainy Season?


Ans: This season brings lots of diseases like cold, fever etc. So, try to save your body from excessive change in temperature. Away from still water because all parasites and virus grow in still water.

Always eat fresh food and don’t’ store food for so long.


Q5 .In case of any sudden burn? What should we do?


Ans. Use of half piece onion and put it on burned area that will reduce the pain and burn bubble won’t occur.


Q6.Sometimes while driving and running, dust particle goes in our eyes and create lot of pain? Then what we do in this?


Ans: Drop 3-4 drops of milk in your eyes that will reduce pain and reddishness in eyes and soon it will come outside.


Q7. My chickenpox spots are there on face? How could I remove?

Ans: Make a paste of Neem leaves for 2 months before going to bed for sleep. Your chicken pox spots will be diminished.


Q8. Tip to overcome fever in rainy season?


Ans: In case of fever, boil pudina in water and put some sugar in it and take it as a tea ,that will help in overcoming of fever n rainy season.


Q9. I have cholesterol problem? Which vegetable will help me so that it would be in level?


Ans: Apple Gourd (Tinda).


Q10. Hey!  Honey bee sting me? What should I do?


Ans: Drop some drops of Pudina juice that will reduce the pain as well as reduce the effect of venom.

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